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Music and Audio Production

There is power in music and sound. If you need a song, a soundscape, or a recording done professionally for your business or brand, trust Imagine Stone Productions to build your creation. 


  • Work through your vision

  • Brainstorm ideas

  • Prepare for production


  • Record with the quality software and hardware

  • Capture your vision with audio

  • Get the best performance

Mixing and Mastering

  • Bring your sound together through a smooth mixing process

  • Prepare your piece for distribution through the mastering process

  • Share your vision with the world with great sound

Tell your story through sound!


Video Production

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, so imagine what can be said with a video! If you have a business, a brand, or a message, let Imagine Stone Productions help you share your story.  As a part of the Videography package, we will go through the various stages of production to bring your vision to life!


  • Note-taking for your vision

  • Creating storyboards

  • Searching for references for your project


  • Preparing a shooting schedule

  • Finding locations to film

  • Gather all of the necessary equipment


  • Capturing video

  • Taking photos

  • Recording audio


  • Editing video clips together

  • Making color correction edits to visuals

  • Mixing audio and music


  • Exporting your videos with the best quality​

  • Transferring all of the content to you

  • Creating the best methods for your videos with your audience

See your vision to form through video!


For serious inquiries about services, please email

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